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Weekend Trip Destinations In Ireland

When it comes to travel in Ireland, there are many destinations that could be perfect, depending on what you want to do. If it is a weekend long party you\'re after, look no further than Cork, the second city of Ireland. Cork is a charismatic port city with a lot to offer to visitors and is a very popular travel destination.

A Stag Weekend sounds far more promising than a stag night in terms of the volume of merriment that can be fitted into the period of a weekend!

This is why stag and hen weekend trips are becoming more and more popular. A stag weekend on Cork is an alluring prospect since Cork is known for its vibrant night scene.

A stag party ,on the other hand,implies only one short night of partying. Well, the party usually does carry on into the wee hours of the morning and has the uncanny habit of producing a dull pounding in the head the next day . But to all intents and purposes a stag party still sounds and feels far too short.

Travelling to a different town for the event makes it more anticipated and special. It has the added adventure of being in a foreign place and that can make it even more exciting. Stag weekends are a holiday and a party with your mates rolled into one. What better way to bid farewell to life as a singleton and usher in a new beginning!


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