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Visiting Northern Ireland

Though the UK has mercifully emerged from a deep recession, average citizens remain wary of the future of their fragile economy. We see this in everything from new home and car sales to the travel industry. That’s right! When the economy is bad people tend to put off their annual holidays or take short trips within their own country.

Travel industry insiders have even coined or at least popularised a new word for this growing trend. It is called a staycation and a growing number of UK residents are taking them. But the UK is fortunate in one respect—they have four distinct countries to explore on holiday. And each of these options is far more convenient and affordable than travelling overseas and booking Spanish property rentals .

It is also a fact that most UK residents have yet to see all of the other UK nations, which makes this the perfect opportunity to see Northern Ireland. We choose to focus most of our attention on North Ireland because it is the second most visited UK member nation, after Britain of course, and because it is still a bit of a mystery to many residents of the UK. Thankfully, of course, the days of bloodshed and political instability have past, which makes Northern Ireland an appealing travel option.

Another great thing about Northern Ireland is that it is really quite small. With a population of only 1.7 million, it is easily the smallest of the UK nations. That means that a tourist can see and experience much of what the country has to offer even on a relatively short holiday.

Trips to the picturesque countryside are a favourite for vacationers, especially in a troubled economy. Accommodations are plentiful, affordable and easy to locate even at short notice. For those who are intent on saving money on their trips, a bed and breakfast or a vacation rental can save tourists up to forty percent over the hotels.


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