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Ireland, previously had a primarily agricultural economy, but has now become a modern country with a focus on knowledge and technology based industries. Today, Ireland has a strong economy and is an international hub of business and education.

Every year, hundreds of international visitors travel to Ireland for work or to pursue education in Irish institutions. It is important to understand the different aspects of a foreign country if one is to stay there for extended periods. Let us consider the health care system of Ireland.

Ireland recently put into place a national health care institution that is responsible for providing health care to Irish residents. The private health care sector is also dominant in Ireland with a large part of the population opting for private health insurance .

The benefit of having health insurance is that one can get access to private medical care, including private hospitals and/or private beds. Usually, private medical care translates to shorter waiting periods and availability of immediate care.

While the global economic downturn has affected most countries in the world including Ireland, it is important to realise that Ireland has grown rapidly in recent years and will continue to do so. Education and technology are the major players in this economy and are being promoted by the government. This means that travellers and visitors are bound to get all the support and infrastructure necessary to study or work in Ireland.


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