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The bond of Ireland with Rome

Since the early ages, the history and culture of Ireland and Rome have been shared and interwoven.

Italians consider the Irish as relatives rather than simply friends, and on the other hand the Irish feel a strong bond with Rome's heritage and with its spiritual values. For the Irish, Rome is indeed the Eternal city.

A favourite vacation destination since the old days, Rome is also a favourite and traditional wedding location for the Irish. All Rome's sights are scenic and romantic at the same time. The Borghese Gardens is probably Europe's most pleasant park. The Spanish Steps area with the theatrical stairway and its world-class boutiques is exciting. The Piazza Navona quarter has countless charming churches and squares. The most characteristic Campo de' Fiori and Trastevere areas are intriguing. It is best using the service of agents and owners providing awarded Rome apartment rentals . It is known that Rome exceeds anyone's expectations with numberless sights, monuments, fountains, piazzas, churches, parks and works of art. Yet Rome has a unique spell, more vibrant and meaningful than the dazzle of her sheer architectural masterpieces.

The beauty of the town is given by her landscapes, suffused with light and vivid colours, and above all by the human qualities of the Romans - very close to the Irish.

There is no place as romantic as Rome. If inversely spelled, in Italian Roma becomes "Amor", or love. Love seems predominant: you find friends hobnobbing, children being loved by grandparents and by apprehensive moms, tourists welcomed as friends, and of course those who find their best half.

The town has much to offer, so having knowledge and a good tourist guide will help you, especially if it includes the location of apartment rentals.

To experience Rome, short-term flat rentals are probably the best accommodation. As it occurs in Ireland, they cost less than hotels, and allow more space and a real kitchen. Preparing your own Spaghetti in Rome will be a joyful experience, just as meeting Romans. Italians, like the Irish, attach great importance to food.

As it occurs in Ireland where you find tourist attractions away from Dublin, also in Italy there are many sights around Rome. Traditional excursions are prepared to Tivoli's Villa d'Este, to Hadrian's Villa, to the Ancient Appian Way, to the Pope's summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, and to Pompeii.

You will need to plan well your visit and your tourist excursions, especially in the good season, and again a good travel guide is essential, also to find the best restaurants and cafes, among thousands you will find.

In conclusion, although Italy and Italians might appear disordered, the sheer amount of places to see, of accommodations offered, of restaurants and cafes makes it necessary to plan well your visit with an awarded Rome apartment rentals agency.


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