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Ireland it is then!

With the staycation becoming increasingly popular, many people in the UK are waking up to holidays in Great Britain or Ireland. The latter is becoming a very popular holiday destination as it is such a versatile place. You can have a great weekend away in Ireland or spend a week or two, whatever you prefer – and whatever the budget allows.

It is very inexpensive to take the car across by ferry and it does not take very long. With the right car insurance you can take the whole family away with you in the car without having to worry about getting them through airports.

You can decide to go away for a romantic break in Ireland, or a family holiday. You can enjoy oysters on a gastronomic holiday or check out the local Guinness on a pub holiday. You can play golf or visit a spa, the list really is endless.

Then of course there is the legendary hospitality of the Irish people who always extend a warm welcome whether they have known you for years or are meeting you for the first time.

Whatever you are looking for in Ireland you are sure to find it and with it being only a short ferry ride or plane journey across the Irish Sea it makes a perfect short break or holiday.


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