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Ireland has Gone Back to its Roots

If having the craic was a Government Bond then Ireland would have had the reserves to ride out the Global Financial Crisis for us all. Ireland has suffered from the global frenzy but in many ways it has improved the outlook of the people. The land of a hundred thousand welcomes has become even more welcoming, as the Irish have returned to their roots, and realised once again what is important in life.

The spirit, conversation to fill the soul, poetry, chat, the traditions have made a comeback. On every street corner the characters are waiting for passer-by to join them in the pursuit of wasting time. Irish time is a global known, to fully integrate into the Irish way of being you need to abandon your time-piece on disembarking the ship having taken advantage of one of the Cheap Cruise Deals on offer.

It is a land where the cities maintain a village atmosphere whilst still offering every trapping a discerning cosmopolitan will need. A land of legends, where every man woman and child can tell a unique story, where every by-road hides a sight to behold.

The rural greens, woods, and hedgerows teem with animal life; the fresh Atlantic Breeze whispers discover me. See my sights. See Mother Ireland unspoilt, back to her roots.


Ireland has Gone Back to its Roots

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