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Things to do while traveling around Ireland:

Ireland Offers Easily Reached Tranquillity

There are few countries in the world that offer an 'away from it all' atmosphere; with large expanses of wide open countryside with few inhabitants. This is especially the case for people from the UK who do not wish to travel for long distances to find this ideal holiday location.

Fortunately, the Republic of Ireland ticks both of these popular travel request boxes. As one of the UK's nearest neighbours, it can be easily and quickly reached by air or by sea, making it the ideal getaway destination, wherever the purpose is for business or for pleasure.

For example, Ireland's easy accessibility and abundance of unspoilt scenery makes it and ideal location for music artists wishing to make a pop video , such as using one of the many unspoilt beaches for a dramatic shoot.

As a contrast and an often welcome extreme to the quiet unspoilt countryside, the capital city of Dublin is a lively cosmopolitan city. Often referred to as the friendliest city in Europe, business and pleasure travellers can enjoy the bustling nightlife Dublin offers, as well as the facilities and services to be expected from a major European city.


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