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An Irish Escape

If you live in Ireland you have various options for travelling off the island. For getting to london by ferry you there are several ports including Belfast, Rosslare, Cork and Dublin, which will take you to one of the UK towns in comfort. Most people choose to take their car across on the ferry as it is such an easy process but others prefer to take a train to their destination.

Ireland is also well served with airports and there are four international airports around the country including Shannon Airport, Dublin Airport, Cork Airport and Belfast Airport. There are also six smaller airports serving the regions which are Waterford, Derry, Knock, Donegal, Kerry and Sligo.

Dublin serves a wide range of destinations, such as Istanbul, Zurich, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona, so there is little need to connect to the UK for business or holidays. It is home to around 30 airlines from around the world and the Irish are well catered for when it comes to a choice of flights.

Belfast International Airport too, has flights in and out from worldwide destinations such as New York, Orlando, the Canaries and Iceland.

All in all, although it may be an island, the Irish people are far from cut off and it is easy to travel anywhere in the world by ferry and plane whenever they want to.


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