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An Ideal Escape

The funny thing is that if you live in an island, you are often more likely to travel to another island for your holiday, as the sea attracts you wherever you go and you often tend to like island life. Therefore it is no surprise that many Irish people book their holidays in places such as Sicily, Mauritius, the Greek Islands or the Caribbean.

Sicily is a particularly good destination for people living in Ireland, as it is relatively close, only two or three hours by plane, and yet provides a totally different way of life than in Ireland. Sicily vacation accommodation is relatively inexpensive and you can choose from a wide range of options such as luxury hotels, budget B&B’s or self catering.

Another type of holiday which strangely seems to draw people who live on an island is a cruise holiday. Again, it is the lure of the sea which makes it so attractive to people who spend much of their lives at one with the sea.

The great thing about cruising is that you can see and sample many different cities and countries in comfort, and cruise ships nowadays offer everything you can possible need such as shopping malls, swimming pools and a full range of entertainment.

The drawback with a cruise holiday is that you only get to see a tiny glimpse of any one country.


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