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Things to do while traveling around Ireland:

A Stag or Hen Weekend in Ireland

If you are planning a stag or hen weekend to Dublin in Ireland, then you will certainly be assured of a good time. The Temple Bar district of Ireland is legendary for its great pubs and awesome nightlife.

Stag and Hen weekends have really taken off in recent years, and Dublin has become a major destination for them. It pays to plan ahead as always, however, and so the earlier you can start searching for rooms and flights the better.

The internet is a great place to start looking for bargains, and whilst there are companies that specialize in stag and hen nights, it will be more cost effective to organize things for yourselves. There are many cheap flights to Ireland available, and a scan of the internet will reveal that the prices from the UK are quite economic. Some of these budget airlines do run offers, so it may be good to keep an eye on the prices over the months leading up to the trip.

As for accommodation, there really is something for every taste and budget not only in Dublin, but in Ireland in general. If there is a large group of you, it may be worth trying to negotiate some for of discount.

Whilst in Ireland you will be using the Euro, and so before you leave, you will need to weigh up if getting money out of an ATM machine in Ireland is better than changing money back in the UK. A stag or hen weekend in Ireland need not be expensive, and the memories will last a lifetime.


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