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A Holiday Home at Hand

As a place to buy a second home, Ireland ticks so many of the right boxes, so if you are looking for overseas property for sale, it is well worth considering. Many people look at the hotter climates first such as Turkey, France and Spain, but Ireland has some distinct advantages in its favour!

First, the stunning scenery. You can travel around Ireland and never get tired, there is always something to see and do. The beautiful coastline and the luscious countryside are a powerful attraction.

There is also something inherently warm and welcoming about the place too and the Irish people accept people with second homes much more readily than they often do in other countries. People speak the same language making it an easy and convenient choice.

Ireland is close enough to home to be able to make full use of your holiday house or apartment – but far away enough to make it a complete break from your everyday life. There is no point in getting a holiday home that you only have time to visit – or can afford to visit – once a year. A quick flight or ferry and you are there.

So before you head off to Marbella or the Cote D'Azur, consider the hidden secret that is right under your nose and think about getting a place in Ireland!


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