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Things to do while traveling around Ireland:

A Brief Guide to Irish Travel Weather

Throngs of visitors visit Ireland each year. There is no dearth of interesting and beautiful places and interesting activities. The weather in Ireland is relatively mild throughout the year; however it is not what one could reliable. Read on to find out more about weather and travel in Ireland.

It is often said that Irish weather has four seasons in four days. Weather in Ireland is highly unreliable so it is better to be prepared for all kinds of weather. However, it is good to know that the Atlantic Gulf Stream has had a moderating effect on Ireland and the weather is therefore always moderate.

There are plenty of holidays from Belfast which thousands of tourists enjoy every year. Most people prefer visiting Ireland in summer. The days are very long in summer, and there is usually plenty of sun. That bit more sun time can make a trip infinitely more enjoyable! In summer, it is light out until 10 pm!

But summer is also the busiest season and most prices in general tend to be higher during the peak season. March to May is spring season and many people prefer to visit Ireland in spring as well. Autumn is also a good alternative to the crowded summer!

Strangely, July is likely to be rain time and the weather can be much better towards April and May. However, nothing is certain and if lucky you might enjoy brilliant sunshine in July too!


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